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Date: Wed Oct 17 2001 - 15:11:03 PDT

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    A Sun E6500 had a problem with one of the system boards. After replacing the board the system was pretty unstable. Some things will work but others will not:
    1) Telnet to the machine would not work, but from the machine to others will.
    2) ftp worked in/out
    3) CDE will not come up.
    4) netstat -r will hang
    5) lsof will hang 
    6) ps -ef will start but hang.
    7) modinfo will start but hang at the end.
    I did found the /etc/hosts file truncated and the /etc/defaultrouter was 
    missing. After fixing this nothing changed. I checked /etc/, 
    /etc/defaultrouter, ifconfig -a, and everything was in place. I ran chkrootkit
    and found nothing on the system. The RC3 scripts never finished so we were 
    in between level2 and level3.
    Would this be the behavior of a comprised machine ? 
    How if that was the cause, made it happen ?
    This machine is in a secure area -- not military -- and only production support
    folks have acces to it -- DBAs and SAs. SAs have root password, but not DBAs.
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