Re: Windows Systems Defaced

From: Stephen W. Thompson (thompsonat_private)
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 20:00:01 PDT

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    "Steve Zenone" <Zenoneat_private> wrote:
    > Have any of you seen similar activity? Any thoughts?
    Yes, we had one that matches most of your details.  These
    are exact matches:
    >  [] Damage occurred around 1600 on 5/1/2002
    BUT=>   (approx. 16:00 EDT for us)
    >  [] Win-popup message with "F---ing University of Rochester"
    >       -- NOTE: not all systems running IIS
    >  [] Admins claimed that all systems were patched correctly
    >  [] Most were running updated and current AV
    I don't know about file/directory deletions - machine wouldn't
    boot, so they hadn't looked at the filesystem yet.  A quick rebuild
    was planned, so unlikely that drive may be examined.
    Additional: NT4 SP6 (maybe not 6a; unknown security rollup hotfix);
      not running IIS; part of a domain but not a domain server; running
      SQL Server (version not available right now); a share given access
      only to an access control list of specific, domain-authenticated
      users *and* authentication to SQL Server (reportedly); passwords
      claimed to be strong; same password used on PDC and this machine.
    Also noted by admin, unknown if related or if I understood correctly:
      Reports of "this IP is being used by another machine"-type messages
      for the machine in question.  (Same day? Previous day? Previous
      week?); problems with "path unknown" and "unable to find domain"
      sorts of errors for previous two weeks; passwords not working and
      then working; currently unconfirmed report of an IRC-controlled "bot"
      on same subnet.
    > I have received three reports thus far of Windows systems
    > that have been damaged. At this point there have been
    > nine systems on various subnets.
    En paz,
    Steve, security analyst
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