Windows Systems Defaced

From: Steve Zenone (Zenoneat_private)
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 13:23:03 PDT

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    Hello Folks,
    I have received three reports thus far of Windows systems
    that have been damaged. At this point there have been
    nine systems on various subnets. The commonalities are:
     [] Damage occurred around 1600 on 5/1/2002
     [] All files deleted
    	-- Folders not deleted
     [] Win-popup message with "F---ing University of Rochester"
     [] If running IIS, had the index.html changed with same
        test as win-popup
          -- NOTE: not all systems running IIS
          -- If running IIS, logs dumped from memory to drive 
             in evening
          	o Logs aren't showing anything useful
     [] Admins claimed that all systems were patched correctly
     [] Most were running updated and current AV
    IDS didn't show anything out of the ordinary. I am currently 
    running net-flows against the systems we know of thus far 
    that have been damaged within the given timeframe yesterday. 
    I am looking for commonalities...but haven't really seen any
    yet and am starting to wonder if these systems had a payload
    that was waiting to activate (obviously undetected by AV).
    Have any of you seen similar activity? Any thoughts?
    Thanks in advance!
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