Re: Publishing Nimda Logs

From: Hugo van der Kooij (hvdkooijat_private)
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 23:01:41 PDT

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    On Tue, 7 May 2002, Deus, Attonbitus wrote:
    >   It is truly sad that so many people are still infected with Nimda. There
    >   is a company with my corporate ISP that I have notified 3 times now that
    >   they are attacking other systems. It seems they can't figure out how not
    >   to install Win2k/IIS5.0 while connected to the net. The sad thing is that
    >   this is a computer company.
    Send a formal complaint to the ISP. It's their responsability as well as 
    soon as you send a formal complaint. Send a formal complaint by 
    snailmail to that company. Let them sign for receipt.
    Include logging and such and charge them with:
     - harrasment.
     - improper usage of you computer facilities.
    >   I have seen a site where people have published the IP of the offending
    >   boxes for stuff like Nimda and CR. I am thinking about doing the same
    >   thing so that people can either use that information to block the IP's or
    >   to do whatever they want for that matter.
    I display all seen nimda cases for several months now. 
    I als run earlybird so the owner of the IP block that has an offending 
    machine gets one warning per day informing them of their problem.
    I am under the impression that it has some impact. (Now ISP's and so will 
    learn about infections within a minute after a machine in their netblock 
    starts harrassing me.)
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