Publishing Nimda Logs

From: Deus, Attonbitus (Thorat_private)
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 09:56:28 PDT

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      It is truly sad that so many people are still infected with Nimda. There
      is a company with my corporate ISP that I have notified 3 times now that
      they are attacking other systems. It seems they can't figure out how not
      to install Win2k/IIS5.0 while connected to the net. The sad thing is that
      this is a computer company.
      I have seen a site where people have published the IP of the offending
      boxes for stuff like Nimda and CR. I am thinking about doing the same
      thing so that people can either use that information to block the IP's or
      to do whatever they want for that matter.
      I'm curious to see how other feel about this. Is it:
      1) Recommended. Go for it and publish the IP's and let the "Gods of IP"
      sort out the damage.
      2) A Bad Thing. These are innocent victims, and you will just have them be
      attacked by evil people.
      3) Boring. Who cares? It's Nimda, and an everyday part of life. Deal with
      it and ignore the logs.
      If "1," then I was thinking of going with a "Hall of Shame" and providing
      ARIN look ups, contacts, and the whole bit. I could even allow other
      people to post logs there and stuff like that...
      Input appreciated.
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