Re: Publishing Nimda Logs

From: E (j46at_private)
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 04:50:01 PDT

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    I have struggled with this problem for months. My ISP has a large number of
    broadband users,
    and these people are still infected with nimda.I tried for weeks to get them to
    do something about it.
    I even started offering them technical suggestions on ways to prevent it. The
    end result was
    absolutely nothing. They obviously do not give a damn about it, and this goes
    for many other
    ISP's and organisations. The people who are infected with nimda are being
    criminally negligent.
    They are allowing their machines to reinfect others. (Personally I also think
    Microsoft is
    criminally negligent for releasing the bogus webserver and OS in the first
     The last resort that I can think of is mailing your nimda logs to the ISP, and
    yes, I mean every single
    SYN that comes in should go to them in a seperate email. Then perhaps their
    tech / security people will
    start to realise what a complete annoyance this worm is.
     Publishing the IP's will achieve nothing. Each infected person needs to be
    notified that he/she is infected.
    Many are just broadband users in dynamic ip pools, who probably are not aware
    of the problem anyway.
    The bets are most network admins dont care about it, perhaps dont even know
    their users are infected.
    Serious lessons should be learned here. This is the kind of thing that happens
    when you dress up an OS
    designed for secretaries as a webserver / multiuser OS, and put it in the hands
    of millions of
    ignorant users. I am shocked that MS is not being held accountable for this
    (and the multide of
    other worms in the past couple of years).
     When are people going to realise that a corporation who puts its OS into the
    homes of millions of people,
    bears some responsiblity for the damage, cost, annoyance and above all wasted
    time caused by poor
    Deus, Attonbitus" wrote:
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    >   It is truly sad that so many people are still infected with Nimda. There
    >   is a company with my corporate ISP that I have notified 3 times now that
    >   they are attacking other systems. It seems they can't figure out how not
    >   to install Win2k/IIS5.0 while connected to the net. The sad thing is that
    >   this is a computer company.
    >   I have seen a site where people have published the IP of the offending
    >   boxes for stuff like Nimda and CR. I am thinking about doing the same
    >   thing so that people can either use that information to block the IP's or
    >   to do whatever they want for that matter.
    >   I'm curious to see how other feel about this. Is it:
    >   1) Recommended. Go for it and publish the IP's and let the "Gods of IP"
    >   sort out the damage.
    >   2) A Bad Thing. These are innocent victims, and you will just have them be
    >   attacked by evil people.
    >   3) Boring. Who cares? It's Nimda, and an everyday part of life. Deal with
    >   it and ignore the logs.
    >   If "1," then I was thinking of going with a "Hall of Shame" and providing
    >   ARIN look ups, contacts, and the whole bit. I could even allow other
    >   people to post logs there and stuff like that...
    >   Input appreciated.
    >   AD
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