Re: Publishing Nimda Logs

From: jlewisat_private
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 22:56:58 PDT

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    On Tue, 7 May 2002, Deus, Attonbitus wrote:
    >   I'm curious to see how other feel about this. Is it:
    >   1) Recommended. Go for it and publish the IP's and let the "Gods of IP"
    >   sort out the damage.
    >   2) A Bad Thing. These are innocent victims, and you will just have them be
    >   attacked by evil people.
    >   3) Boring. Who cares? It's Nimda, and an everyday part of life. Deal with
    >   it and ignore the logs.
    1 and 3.  Some people (those not running MS Crap) probably won't care, but
    if it's something you want to do, why should that stop you.  On some of my
    personal systems, I've actually setup code to watch apache for Nimda/CR
    sorts of requests, and firewall them for 24h in addition to emailing me
    the IP, mostly to keep them from filling my access_logs with their crap.
    I've also implemented this on a big web hosting server because Nimda/CR
    probes were actually causing performance issues on the server.
    This has doubled as an early warning system notifying me that a Windows
    running coworker has been infected before they know it.
    If you maintain a list that's easily fetchable, it wouldn't surprise me at
    all if some people choose to grab it at regular intervals and use it to
    block access to their web servers.
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