RE: Worms and CScript/WScript

From: Richard H. Cotterell (seecat_private)
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 07:57:20 PDT

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    Ref: Nick FitzGerald <>'s
         message dated 22 May 2002, 17:04 hours.
    >In the corporate arena you often can get away without either of these 
    >"advanced" scripting mechanisms, but Windows Update -- which is 
    >rather critical to SOHO users having any chance of staying vaguely 
    >up-to-date with security patches -- used to and presumably still does 
    >depend on WSH (I think VBS specifically).  Thus, suggesting disabling 
    >it as a blanket recommendation may not be a wise thing...  (And, even 
    >in the corporate arena, you may better off restricting access to it 
    >rather than removing it -- if your admin group uses VB scripts for 
    >advanced system admin, certainly let them continue to run it so long 
    >as scripts can be run under a suitably privileged security context 
    >without introducing other unwanted problems but lock down your 
    >ordinary users' access to the EXEs.)
    An alternative approach would be to use *script defender* from AnalogX, 
    which allows a Windows user to turn on/off the whole set of scripts that 
    make for vulnerable web site visiting. :-)
    Some other interesting software there too, BTW, all freeeware!
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