RE: Worms and CScript/WScript

From: Nick FitzGerald (
Date: Tue May 21 2002 - 22:04:30 PDT

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    mwrightat_private wrote:
    > The NSA guide, titled: "E-mail Security in the Wake of Recent Malicious Code
    > Incidents" actually recommends disabling Windows Scripting Host by removing
    > both cscript.exe and wscript.exe.
    And that makes it "correct" or "a good idea"?
    > I have added that to my logon script so that every time a user logs onto one
    > of my networks, WSH is disabled.  Add that to a managed anti-virus solution
    > that filters attachments by extension, and does real-time protection of both
    > servers and workstations and you have a very effective virus/worm/trojan
    > defense.
    In the corporate arena you often can get away without either of these 
    "advanced" scripting mechanisms, but Windows Update -- which is 
    rather critical to SOHO users having any chance of staying vaguely 
    up-to-date with security patches -- used to and presumably still does 
    depend on WSH (I think VBS specifically).  Thus, suggesting disabling 
    it as a blanket recommendation may not be a wise thing...  (And, even 
    in the corporate arena, you may better off restricting access to it 
    rather than removing it -- if your admin group uses VB scripts for 
    advanced system admin, certainly let them continue to run it so long 
    as scripts can be run under a suitably privileged security context 
    without introducing other unwanted problems but lock down your 
    ordinary users' access to the EXEs.)
    > You can download the afore mentioned NSA guide directly here:
    I won't comment further on this (and probably nor here but on the 
    focus-virus list if I ever do) until I've read it...
    > or browse through all the NSA guides at
    Let's see -- the NSA gives out security advice from a site that 
    _requires_ browser scripting to be enabled?
    Hmmmm -- do you think we may be able to make an informed estimate of 
    the likely quality and thoroughness of that advice from just this one 
    data point??
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