Re: Compromised Win2000 machine.

From: Patrick Andry (pandryat_private)
Date: Wed May 29 2002 - 14:05:26 PDT

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    As a side note, use the diskette option as a last resort.  They are by 
    no means as reliable as a cd, as a diskette written by one pc may show 
    up with unreadable sectors in another, and be virtually unreadable in 
    yet another.  Invest in a good quality burner, and even then, test your 
    toolkit disks on a variety of hardware. A cd burned at 8x on my burner 
    is not always readable in other drives, but a slow-cooked one has no 
    H C wrote:
    > Mark,
    > Since fport.exe isn't native to any MS system, you'd
    > have to get it from the 'net someplace.  The thing to
    > do (and I do this in the IR course I teach) would be
    > to burn your tools to a CD.  If you can't do that,
    > then you can put them on a diskette and write-protect
    > it.
    > HTH.
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