Re[2]: Compromised Win2000 machine.

From: Joris De Donder (l0tat_private)
Date: Fri May 31 2002 - 06:55:17 PDT

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    HC> Remember...the Linux/*nix architectures are different
    HC> from that of NT/2K...and XP.  I'm not saying that this
    HC> can't be done...I'm simply asking if anyone can show,
    HC> with proof, that this *has* been done?  And it doesn't
    HC> have to be just can be any other
    HC> native tool.  And binding the .exe file using
    HC> SaranWrap or EliteWrap doesn't count, as the basic
    HC> functionality still exists and all network connects
    HC> (netstat) will still be shown...
    * Fake netstat.exe (4/23/02):
    * Another fake netstat.exe (Apr 24 17:18:22 2001):
    * "A Rootkit for netstat under win2k, By ThreaT":
    * Netstatp with source code:
      [Could be used to build a netstat.exe clone]
    * ReactOS:
     "ReactOS is an Open Source effort to develop a quality
     operating system that is compatible with Windows NT
     applications and drivers."
      [Source code could be used to build a trojan cmd.exe,...]
    * NTRootkit: (seems to be down)
     "The NTRootKit project provides a framework for trojaning
     the NT kernel and applications, in much the same manner as
     rootkits for Linux and the various flavors of Unix."
     "New features:
     Embedded TCP/IP stack (stateless)
     Ideed, why would it?  It's not using the NT stack."
    Joris De Donder
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