Re: [Whitehat] BIND scan from

From: David Hhn (dhat_private)
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 09:21:43 PDT

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    Am 16.08.2002 2:23 Uhr schrieb "Gary Baribault" unter <garyat_private>:
    > I am used to seeing those idiots scanning for FTP and I have them all
    > blocked in and out with out logged .. Recently I say a big jump in OUTPUT
    > REJECTs and when I investigated I found 62.155/11 scanning for BIND .. I
    > also recently noticed them scanning for HTTP. Anyone seen this as well?
    I am not observing any bind scans from that subnet, but I am seeing a lot
    of IIS script exploit attemtps and PHP content disposition exploit
    attemtpos from wanadoo in their 80.8.5* range. Is that something you
    mighthave noticed as well?
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