Re: LSM Benchmark Results - lsm-2001_05_04-2.4.4.patch

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 16:51:51 PDT

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    * jmjonesat_private (jmjonesat_private) wrote:
    > Left the suggested default at "N", but will set it up both ways.
    > Was mostly looking at "total not" vs. "total without".  Good thinking.
    Capabilities is currently integrated with the kernel.  So the lsm patch with
    just the dummy interface that gratuitously returns yes is not exactly an apples
    to apples test with standard (non-lsm) capabilities-enabled kernel.  I agree
    with Greg, it'd be interesting to see what the results look like with the
    capabilities module loaded.  I've had no problem running the capability_plug
    as a module (let me know if i can help you here).
    Thanks for the first set of benchmarks!
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