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Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 11:11:52 PDT

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    The 0.2 version of the "lsmexample" loadable security module 
    is attached, with (I think) all the changes suggested.
    Again, submitted for ridicule or use.
    To prevent "mailbox clutter", this is the last time I'll 
    post this code to the list in general.  The lastest version
    will always be available at:
    and I'll post a "notice" to linux-security-moduleat_private
    if it changes.  If you want to get the "latest" in your email,
    you can subscribe to lsm-documentationat_private by 
    emailing majordomoat_private with
    subscribe lsm-documentation
    in the body.  
    Thanks for Your Patience,
    And all the help,
    J. Melvin Jones
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