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Date: Fri May 18 2001 - 17:09:50 PDT

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    On Fri, 18 May 2001, Chris Wright wrote:
    > * jmjonesat_private (jmjonesat_private) wrote:
    > > 
    > > It's still crude, but it does compile, install, and remove correctly.
    > > I submit it here for ridicule and/or use by anybody who may wish to 
    > > hack at it.
    > Please do not include modversions.h.  This is no longer approriate, as it is
    > now handled by Makefiles, and expected to go away by 2.5.
    Ouch, sorry.  "If you've told me once..." ... is a snippit from the old
    template I started with from "yesterversion", will go away in the next 
    > The interface is fairly fluid, and there is no guarantee that new bits will
    > be added only to the end.  So, as Greg mentioned, you may want to rethink
    > how you handle your array indexing this (unless this file is automatically
    > generated from security.h).
    Did.  Although, the indirection I built in with the CounterIndex pointers
    was specifically to address the difference between WHERE the structure 
    appears in security_ops (ergo, the report), and the trivial location of 
    the counter.  Much easier with defines, since i can list them
    sequentially,  they correspond by name to the purpose, and I can use 
    them any way I want.  Easier not to get "lost".
    > Please consider moving to the current paradigm for init_module and
    > cleanup_module.
    > static int __init LSM_init(void)
    > {
    > 	/* stuff from init_module */
    > }
    > static void __exit LSM_exit(void)
    > {
    > 	/* stuff from cleanup_module */
    > }
    > module_init(LSM_init);
    > module_exit(LSM_exit);
    This... is a tad perplexing to my weak userspace programming mind, but 
    I'll try to wrap around it and incorporate it.
    > Otherwise, looks good ;-)
    > -chris
    Much Thanks,
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