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From: Stephen Smalley (sdsat_private)
Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 07:07:43 PDT

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    In addition to the inode permission hook and the task set_label hook
    (as mentioned by Chris Wright and Serge Hallyn, respectively), you 
    can use the binprm alloc_security and compute_creds hooks 
    to perform security processing during an execve.  Examples of using the
    binprm hooks can be found in the capability security module
    (See cap_bprm_alloc_security and cap_bprm_compute_creds in
    kernel/capability_plug.c) and in the SELinux security module.
    Stephen D. Smalley, NAI Labs
    On Fri, 25 May 2001, Chris Lundberg wrote:
    > What is the best way to monitor calls to execve using the lsm?  We are
    > trying to monitor, and perhaps conditionally prevent, program execution.
    > Thanks,
    > Chris Lundberg
    > Harvey Mudd College
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