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Date: Tue May 29 2001 - 07:12:22 PDT

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    LSMEXAMPLE.C v0.3 is available at
    in two versions
    lsmexample.c-2.4.4	for the lsm-2001_05_23-2.4.4.patch
    lsmexample.c-2.4.5      for the lsm-2001_05_27-2.4.5.patch*
    * jimmied to boot version I'm using, but once the boot problem
      is fixed it will get any changes necessary to comply.
    This version allows one module to be registered subordinately,
    and has been tested with capability_plug.o underneath successfully.
    It includes a "questionable" bit of code that tries to reregister
    the subordinate module when lsmexample is rmmod'd: back into the primary
    slot if lsmexample was primary, and back into the primary module as a
    subordinate if it was subordinate... which will allow it to be rmmod'd 
    and leave capability_plug running... but the unregister code currently in
    capability_plug carries an assumption about how it initially registered 
    that will blow things up if it is bumped to primary and then unregistered,
    so suggest, for now, you RMMOD only in reverse order that you INSMODed 
    until I get this thought through a bit better.
    Also, the lsm-2001_05_27-2.4.5 in its current yet-to-be-bootable patch is
    available at 
    if anybody really wants it and lost the post from the list. :)
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