Re: sys_setpriority error

From: Titus D. Winters (titusat_private)
Date: Wed May 30 2001 - 16:40:47 PDT

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    > > I think the issue is that the logic is wrong (or unclear at the least.)
    > >
    > > Currently it is saying:
    > > if (you are rootish, own the process, or the module lets you) you can
    > > renice things
    > >
    > > And Roy suggests:
    > > if ((you are rootish or own the process) AND (the module lets you)) you
    > > can renice things.
    > >
    > > Beyond even dummy stuff, it seems more useful (not to mention safer) to
    > > rework the logic.  This way one could write modules that would hamper root
    > > (useful for trappin' baddies), instead of writing modules that allow huge
    > > security holes.
    > I understand what your driving at.  But I hesitate to make logic changes to
    > the kernel.  Consider original code reads...
    >   if (p->uid != current->euid &&
    >      p->uid != current->uid && !capable(CAP_SYS_NICE)) {
    > This really doesn't have any test for root.  just checks that both your uid
    > and euid don't match the target process's uid _and_ you aren't capable.
    Well, if that is the way it is in the kernel, that's good.  Still, since
    we are changing the entire capabilities system anyway, it is a nice time
    to make the system a bit smarter.
    But I agree, if we are not going to watch for stuff like this then we
    really need to examine the dummy functions.  : )
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