Re: [build breakage] typos for *ip_decode_options()

From: Greg KH (gregat_private)
Date: Fri Aug 10 2001 - 12:28:05 PDT

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    On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 09:26:54AM -0700, richard offer wrote:
    > There are typos for cap_ip_decode_options() in both capability_plug and
    > security. They prototype is int not void, and EACCES is spelt wrong.
    > Although its debatable whether it should return -EPERM ? Since otherwise
    > you're hiding the return value of cap_capable (EPERM on error).
    > Comments ?
    Argh, my machine crashed last night due to a bug in 2.4.8-pre7 during
    the compile.  This morning I didn't finish the build to see this error.
    Thanks for pointing it out, I've commited this patch, with the change of
    returning -EPERM (remember the caller doesn't care about the value, only
    if it is 0 or not, so it doesn't really matter what we return.)
    thanks again,
    greg k-h
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