RE: GPL only usage of security.h

From: KRAMER,STEVEN (HP-USA,ex1) (steven_kramerat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 07:55:29 PDT

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    I also cast my vote with Crispin and Sandy to exclude the new licensing
    language.  This is changing the rules in midstream, and does affect
    companies that spent significant sums in LSM-targeted development already.
    My objections would not be as strong had the new verbage been put into place
    from the beginning.  For instance, we knew about the GPL license at that
    and accepted what impact that would have on us from the start.  I know for a
    fact that the HP legal team has spent a large amount of time understanding
    GPL and operating within its structure.  Adding the new statement at this
    time would mean significantly more legal work, with a possible negative
    impact on work with, and acceptance of, LSM.
    Fairness says to remove the new language, and furthermore, get agreement
    that the license will remain GPL, with no new restrictive clauses.
    --steve kramer
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