Re: SECURE_FD OpenWall LSM Patch

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Mon Nov 26 2001 - 18:45:58 PST

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    * Nick Bellinger (nickbat_private) wrote:
    > Ok, lets try that again.
    alright, nick, i've massaged, and applied the patch ;-)  i added the
    Documentation/ docs, and i reformatted things to fit with
    coding style a bit better (namely whitespaces->tabs).  also, i changed
    the logic a bit to more closely reflect Solar's original work (which
    only applies to SUID SGID programs).  there is not file->f_vfsmnt when
    /dev/null is opened, this should probably be looked at...
    btw, following standard patching techniques would help me a lot.
    you might want to check out for patching
    standards.  the main thing i care about is that the diffs are unified
    and relative to the top of the linux source tree (e.g. diff -Naur
    lsm-vanilla/ lsm-hacked/ > patch).  if you don't want to deal with two
    trees, you may like gendiff.  (yeah, i already mentioned this to you,
    but thought other people might be interested ;-)
    anyway, thanks again!
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