Re: [Linux-security-module-commit] lsm 2.5 tree change 1.294 1.295 1.296 1.297 1.298 1.299 1.300 1.301 1.302

From: Greg KH (gregat_private)
Date: Mon Dec 17 2001 - 09:40:38 PST

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    On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 09:34:10AM -0800, Chris Wright wrote:
    > * Greg KH (gregat_private) wrote:
    > > Ah, change your shutdown script, don't change the kernel :)
    > > 
    > > Seriously, you should put this fix back.  You're going to have to change
    > > your shutdown scripts anyway due to changes in usbdevfs...
    > i agree in sentiment, especially since it's an attempt to conform with
    > standards.  but it's a minor change and it's significantly simpler to
    > revert the change and get a functioning system for short testing.
    SysRq is your friend :)
    > got a simple change to the shutdown scripts?
    For the signal stuff, no, I use SysRq.  For usbdevfs, it depends on your
    distro version.  Look for a check for the file /proc/bus/usb/devices and
    change it to check for the directory /proc/bus/usb instead (devices and
    drivers disapear unless you have a usb host driver loaded now.)
    greg k-h
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