Re: value of task p_pptr in task_alloc_security

From: Tim Potter (tpotat_private)
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 17:16:29 PST

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    On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 10:34:30AM -0800, Seth Arnold wrote:
    > On Sun, Nov 10, 2002 at 10:24:31PM -0800, Tim Potter wrote:
    > > I looked through fork.c and it looked like this was the case but I
    > > wasn't very sure.  Unfortunately it looks like in this case the parent 
    > > of current is also pointing to the grandfather.  )-:
    > You wouldn't want to look at current->p_ppt; you'd want to treat current
    > itself as the parent. (Unless the clone(2) flag CLONE_PARENT has been
    D'oh.  Of course - I took "dereference" to mean look at p_pptr.  When I
    look at current it gives me the correct information.
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