Re: [PATCH] TPE updates

From: Chris Wright (chrisat_private)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 11:42:23 PDT

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    * Niki Rahimi (narahimiat_private) wrote:
    > Chris wrote:
    > >Here are some more TPE updates.  Removing the fs code helped get rid of
    > >some memory leaks, as well as the ability for users to specify how much
    > >kernel memory they want allocated (IIRC), so cleanups are going well ;-)
    > Great to hear. I like how it reduced the lines of code in the module. Less
    > to check. :-)
    Yes, nice to see the code reduction and reuse of common infrastructure.
    > >This is largely CodingStyle type changes, plus a couple spots where
    > >you'll return with the spin_lock held.  Could you review these changes?
    > Looks good. Also, I forgot to update the tpe.txt file under
    > Documentation/lsm
    > to reflect the sysfs approach. How would you like that patch sent?
    I'll commit the patch from this thread, if you could send a diff -u
    against the tpe.txt file to the list, I can add it as another patch.
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