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Date: Tue Jun 17 2003 - 16:30:41 PDT

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    Hello all I hope this is the last bit of spam that comes from my machine, but what I need to say is quite simple. I have the CISSP exam...... It is free on emule as a file called cissp101.rar I have a few claims to make against the organization that gives this exam. 1: they "fix" the results of the exam 2: they are a racist organization. 3: the reason that after 1 year of "spamming" by me (And if you don't believe me look here ) they have my name address and even my telephone number. So you ask why don't they stop me ? well its quiet simple actually. They are scarred of a counter suit, a counter suit that will ruin their cash cow income. I will not go into the sob story of how when where, the fact is now everyone in the world can see my exam and mark it for themselves. They "rigged" my exam results so that I would fail. They did this on a racist attitude that people must take their exams on a Saturday regardless of their religious belief and "GOD" help you if challenge their authority. So here we are. I have had independent researchers look into my exam. ALL SAY that I have passed. That leaves ISC2 in a rather funny situation. They cannot give me the cert and they cannot admit the fact. So they are destined to suffer the wrath of my anger and hope that I will go away. But I will not go away. I am right and they are wrong. All I ask is for you to look at the exam. Make up your own mind. For those die hards , I am sorry that the company let you down. I too was let down. Do not believe me nor a word that I say. That's ok, but I ask you to verify everything that they say, as, all is not well in the empire. Its almost good that they are having a admin change soon. Maybe after that I can get my cert........ Please remember when you look thru the exam that I failed. Even if the answer was correct. For those of you who are CISSP members, a challenge ? lets see you call a tribunal to investigate this exam. Contact me, through the right channels and give me the results. Lets say a board of 3 members , 1: one non cissp member like sans qualified member. 2: one cissp member 3 a normal member of the public, lets say a doctor. This makes a nice tribunal that covers all aspects of the case, the tribunal should be held in England... But then I am dreaming there is no justice in the world, even thou the code of " ethics" that the organization has states that I can call one. You know how many times I have called one ? but then again how can someone judge themselves a "true" inquiry will have to come from outside of isc2 and one that has no relation to them.isc2 can pay them for their time its not like they dont have the money. Let me put it to you like this if ISC2 does not accept this challenge, and the results made public, then well it's a good admittance that they messed up. Good day then. _______________________________________________ linux-security-module mailing list linux-security-moduleat_private

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