Re: path_post_lookup

From: Chris Wright (chriswat_private)
Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 12:10:44 PDT

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    * Charles Levert (chuckat_private) wrote:
    > Hi everyone.
    > I am working on a security module that (kind of) implements traditional
    > capabilities (i.e., unforgeable references, not posix-draft capabilities).
    > For this, I need a security hook in LSM that allows me to walk the
    > directory tree (in the dcache) across mountpoints if necessary, every
    > time a file is opened.  This means I need more than just a dentry but
    > also the vfsmount that goes with it.  One way to obtain this is to be
    > passed a nameidata.
    A similar hook was removed earlier this year in favor of the
    d_instatiate hook.  Couple questions: 1) have you looked at the thread
    and verified that you dont' have the same problems? 2) can't the data
    that you are getting during post_lookup be associated with the inode and
    stored as xatrr on-disk?
    On a similar note, since Trond's intents patch the permission hook now
    has nameidata available.  I'd like to update the API to use nameidata
    where apropos.  Would this help?
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