Re: Request: Limit LSM postings to subscribers!

From: Crispin Cowan (crispinat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 13:40:05 PDT

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    David Wheeler wrote:
    > I  would like to see that LSM postings permitted only by subscribers.
    > We're getting WAY too many spam messages, and I
    > think it will get worse.  Subscribing is a simple process - it's
    > a small price to pay for posting.  Besides, many other lists require
    > subscription before posting, so this won't be an unusual requirement.
    > That, plus other filters, should keep things to a dull roar. 
    LSM is currently under massive attack by Sobig.F. Last week we adjusted 
    our spam filters to specifically look for Sobig & friends, and now we're 
    having to hand-moderate hundreds of virus posts and virus-spawned bounces.
    If we went to manual moderation for non-subscriber posts, there would be 
    a significant risk of the humans in the loop mis-classifying legitimate 
    posts as junk and rejecting them.
    I'm really sorry that the spam filters are not so good lately. But this 
    is not a local LSM problem; it is global. Spam filters are fundamentally 
    a kludge, and the spammers are figuring out how to game them.
    Crispin Cowan, Ph.D. 
    Chief Scientist, Immunix
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