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From: Crescendo Support Team (support@private)
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 13:46:38 PDT

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    First, let me apologise if you have received this email in error; we are in the process of cleaning our mailing lists in preparation for the implementation of the European directive on privacy and electronic communications, trying to identify the people who wish to receive information and those who don't.
    You were sent this email because your name and/or address appeared on a list of people who have either purchased one of our products or expressed an interest. Some of these names were provided by affiliates. If you wish to receive future (and very occasional) details of product upgrades and releases, please send an empty email to mailto:list@private If you do nothing, your name will be removed from the list. Our products are:
    Password Pro. Simplifies changing the Administrator (and similar) password on networks, by updating the service account logons on multiple machines. Many other features, making it much easier to maintain best security practices.
    SQL Documentor. Produces an easy-to-read HTML document of a database's tables, columns and basic properties, indexes etc., ideal for programmers as a quick reference. Release imminent, request further details if interested.
    SysAudit Pro. Simple, inexpensive audit of installed software over a network, enabling you to control licensing and identify unauthorised applications. Release Oct 2003, request further details if interested.
    Computer Account Manager 1.0. Allows you to delete old computer accounts that accumulate over time as machines are retired or upgraded, so that domain and server management is focussed on live systems, saving time and making the sysadmin's job easier. Release Oct 2003, request further details if interested..
    Further details can be found at
    If you do request information, you can remove yourself at any time by sending an empty email to mailto:list-remove@private This is a genuine unsubscription service and you will not receive any more emails.
    Kind regards,
    The Support Team

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