Re: New stacker performance results

From: Stephen Smalley (sds@private)
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 06:00:52 PDT

On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 22:42 -0700, Chris Wright wrote:
> * James Morris (jmorris@private) wrote:
> > (I would argue that his "truly generic" requirement was fulfilled by 
> > SELinux).
> Hehe, clearly it wasn't or we wouldn't be where we are now.  Recall, LSM
> came out of rejecting SELinux.

I think that was more of a perception/communication problem than
anything else.  Linus seemed to hear the SELinux talk at the 2001 Kernel
Summit as SELinux == TE rather than SELinux == flexible MAC architecture
that can support TE, MLS, and other models easily.  No criticism
intended, likely just poor communication on our part, but it did seem
like a misunderstanding at the time.

Stephen Smalley
National Security Agency

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