Re: [loganalysis] why read your logs?

From: Hal Snyder (halat_private)
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 02:04:28 PDT

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    Look at logs as part of monitoring.
    If your network has 25 computers or more, and you can't find at least
    one misconfiguration per week by looking through the logs, then you
    should change jobs *now* to something less challenging. :)
    Networks drift out of true more often than they halt completely. The
    longer you leave any network resource unattended, the more glitches it
    will accumulate. The most "interesting" (costly) system failures have
    four or five things wrong, no one of which would have been a
    Monitoring software will watch for problems you know to expect. For
    everything else, you need to scan the logs.
    Show the biz types the time-vs-probability-of-failure curve if you
    *don't* keep an eye on things.
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