Re: [logs] Re: Generic Log Message Parsing Tool

From: Marcus J. Ranum (mjrat_private)
Date: Wed Jun 05 2002 - 12:47:08 PDT

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    Sweth Chandramouli wrote:
    >        -- Sweth, whose gut response to XML suggestions is similar
    >to mjr's response to regex suggestions, because he's seen too many
    >people assume that XML==portable data when the real portability comes
    >from a well-defined data structure that the XML document can then
    My response to those who've drunken the XML cool-ade is similar
    but for different reasons. :) Let's consider the irony of using
    XML for the output of a parsing operation...  Here we spend all
    this pain and agony to parse log data into meaningful subcomponents
    based on a grammar. That's a lot of work. So we take the results
    and write them out in XML. Before we do that, we have to write
    what amounts to another grammar! And then we have to write a parser
    for THAT grammar! :)  Using XML in this context is a great idea
    because it lets us write another parser and another grammar in our
    copious free time! :)    Uuuuhhh... I am still trying to see the
    point of using XML for _anything_  ;)
    I think we can agree that parsing log data into some kind of
    predictable data dictionary - with regular field names and
    so forth - has value. That's a really hard problem and a lot of
    folks _think_ that's what XML solves, but really all XML does
    is standardize a tagging layout. *yawn* There's no difference
    except it's a lot easier to handle
    strings because anything from the first '=' over is inherently
    quoted. If you get into multiline strings then you may need a bit
    of extra syntax, but no biggie. The bottom line is that it's very
    easy to convert data - once it's been converted into something
    that means the same thing in a data dictionary - regardless of
    the specific mark-up.
    (FYI - "Fargo" used a light-weight XML-like markup so don't
    assume I have religious objections to XML. ;)
    Marcus J. Ranum
    Computer and Communications Security	mjrat_private
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