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From: swatch swatch (swatch_5at_private)
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 10:57:12 PST

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    I have configured SWATCH on my syslog server, however, I am not getting any 
    emails sent to me when I purposely type in a wrong password on my ssh 
    Attached is my swatchrc file.  Could my syntax be wrong?  For example, 
    instead of ‘mail addresses’ should it be ‘mail address’ or only ‘mail’?  
    when I check my log files it tells me there was a failed login attempt, 
    however, no email is sent to me.  once I created the swatchrc file I ran the 
    /usr/local/bin/swatch –c /var/log/swatchrc –t /var/log/syslog &
    Perhaps I should be using the command:
    /usr/local/bin/swatch –c /var/log/swatchrc –t /var/log/messages &
    Any thoughts?
    It tells me that swatch 3.0.4 has started…..although it doesn’t immediately 
    go back to the root prompt.  Is this normal?  I have to press enter to get 
    back to a root prompt….is that normal?  I see the process running by typing 
    ‘ps’ and then ‘ps –eaf’.  When I type ‘exit’ at the root prompt to exit my 
    ssh session it tells me that it is still connected and doesn’t log me out 
    like it normally does, therefore, I force the disconnect by clicking on the 
    X in the top right hand corner.  Then when I log back in and type ‘ps’ I no 
    longer see the processes of swatch and perl running.  But when I type ‘ps 
    –eaf’ I see the 2 processes running.  I also tried the commands:
    /usr/local/bin/swatch –c /var/log/swatchrc –t /var/log/syslog –daemon
    nohup /usr/local/bin/swatch –c /var/log/swatchrc –t /var/log/syslog &
    I did not get returned to a root prompt.  But my nohup.out file tells me 
    that SWATCH was started.
    Sorry if this is confusing, I am still very new to linux.  I am running 
    SWATCH on redhat 7.2.  I noticed that the swatchrc file has slightly 
    different syntax for UNIX and LINUX.  Perhaps I am spelling something wrong 
    or am missing an = sign?
    It may be that the additional perl modules which are needed are not 
    installed properly.  When I type rpm –q perl it comes back with perl 5.6.0 
    which is fine.  However, I thought I had installed perl 5.8.0 but I must 
    have done something wrong if it tells me that perl 5.6.0 is installed.  This 
    is not a big deal because SWATCH only requires perl 5 or greater.  The 
    reason I mention this is because I thought I also installed the additional 4 
    modules that SWATCH needs.  But I have a hunch they to did not get 
    installed.  Can you tell me where exactly to install them (/usr/bin or 
    /usr/bin/perl5.6.0)?  Or does it matter?  I installed these modules by 
    running make, make test, make install.  Is that correct?  How can I verify 
    that they are installed and the directory which they are installed in?  I 
    believe I did everything correct on the SWATCH end of things but I could be 
    wrong.  I have my swatchrc file in /var/log which should be fine I think.  I 
    also know I put a hidden swatchrc file right under root.  This file is 
    empty.  Does this file also need to be the same as my swatchrc file in 
    /var/log?  Or do I need both of them?  Could that be the problem?
    I appreciate any help you can give me.  Thanks!
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