Re: [logs] SWATCH configuration

From: swatch swatch (swatch_5at_private)
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 09:28:41 PST

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    I ran 4 different SWATCH instances for the different log files (all with 
    --daemon at the end) and all processes are running successfully from what i 
    can tell.  For the first time I was redirected back to the root prompt each 
    time.  Although, I am still not getting emails into my inbox.  My swatchrc 
    file is the same as it was in my first posting.  I am stumped unless it is a 
    firewall issue.  The box SWATCH is running on is on a different subnet than 
    what I am on.  However, I have configured sendmail to forward emails to me 
    with a smarthost.  I know this works because i get nightly Tripwire reports 
    from the same box SWATCH is on.  Therefore, I don't know what I am missing.  
    Any thoughts?  By the way, each time I edit my swatchrc file i kill the perl 
    and SWATCH processes and then restart them once the editing is finished.  I 
    assume that is fine?
    >From: Ed Schmollinger <schmolliat_private>
    >To: swatch swatch <swatch_5at_private>
    >CC: loganalysisat_private
    >Subject: Re: [logs] SWATCH configuration
    >Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 09:39:42 -0600
    >On Thu, Jan 02, 2003 at 06:57:12PM +0000, swatch swatch wrote:
    > > I have configured SWATCH on my syslog server, however, I am not getting 
    > > emails sent to me when I purposely type in a wrong password on my ssh
    > > client.
    > >
    > > Attached is my swatchrc file.  Could my syntax be wrong?  For example,
    > > instead of ?mail addresses? should it be ?mail address? or only ?mail??
    > > when I check my log files it tells me there was a failed login attempt,
    > > however, no email is sent to me.  once I created the swatchrc file I ran
    > > the command:
    > >
    > > /usr/local/bin/swatch ?c /var/log/swatchrc ?t /var/log/syslog &
    > >
    > > Perhaps I should be using the command:
    > >
    > > /usr/local/bin/swatch ?c /var/log/swatchrc ?t /var/log/messages &
    >Check in your /etc/syslog.conf to see where your logs are being
    >directed.  The last time I looked at a Redhat box, it by default logged
    >to a whole bunch of different files.  You can either live with that by
    >running a bunch of swatch instances for each of those seperate files, or
    >you can tell syslogd to glom everything into one big file:
    >*.debug		/var/log/messages
    >Note that the whitespace between "*.debug" and "/var/log/messages" MUST
    >be tabs.
    > > It tells me that swatch 3.0.4 has started?..although it doesn?t 
    > > go back to the root prompt.  Is this normal?  I have to press enter to 
    > > back to a root prompt?.is that normal?  I see the process running by 
    > > ?ps? and then ?ps ?eaf?.  When I type ?exit? at the root prompt to exit 
    > > ssh session it tells me that it is still connected and doesn?t log me 
    > > like it normally does, therefore, I force the disconnect by clicking on 
    > > X in the top right hand corner.  Then when I log back in and type ?ps? I 
    > > longer see the processes of swatch and perl running.  But when I type 
    > > ?eaf? I see the 2 processes running.  I also tried the commands:
    >swatch tosses out 3 lines of output when it starts up.  My guess is that
    >you got your root prompt back immediately, then the output from swatch
    >(which you neglected to redirect anywhere.)  Your shell isn't going to
    >print another prompt under such circumstances until you hit enter.
    >According to the swatch documentation, the appropriate way for you to
    >invoke swatch in your scenario is:
    >/usr/local/bin/swatch -c /var/log/swatchrc -t /var/log/messages --daemon
    >assuming that /var/log/messages is the file you want to monitor.  Try it
    >without the "--daemon" to see if you get any interesting output.
    > > Sorry if this is confusing, I am still very new to linux.  I am running
    > > SWATCH on redhat 7.2.  I noticed that the swatchrc file has slightly
    > > different syntax for UNIX and LINUX.  Perhaps I am spelling something 
    > > or am missing an = sign?
    >I do not know of a reason that this should be.  How is it different?  Is
    >it a redhat-specific modification?
    > > It may be that the additional perl modules which are needed are not
    > > installed properly.  When I type rpm ?q perl it comes back with perl 
    > > which is fine.  However, I thought I had installed perl 5.8.0 but I must
    > > have done something wrong if it tells me that perl 5.6.0 is installed.
    > > This is not a big deal because SWATCH only requires perl 5 or greater.  
    > > reason I mention this is because I thought I also installed the 
    > > 4 modules that SWATCH needs.  But I have a hunch they to did not get
    > > installed.  Can you tell me where exactly to install them (/usr/bin or
    > > /usr/bin/perl5.6.0)?  Or does it matter?  I installed these modules by
    > > running make, make test, make install.  Is that correct?  How can I 
    > > that they are installed and the directory which they are installed in?  
    > > believe I did everything correct on the SWATCH end of things but I could 
    > > wrong.  I have my swatchrc file in /var/log which should be fine I 
    > > I also know I put a hidden swatchrc file right under root.  This file is
    > > empty.  Does this file also need to be the same as my swatchrc file in
    > > /var/log?  Or do I need both of them?  Could that be the problem?
    >The perl modules are probably installed correctly.  If they were not,
    >then swatch would die immediately after invokation.
    >Since you specify the location of swatchrc on the command line, the file
    >/.swatchrc won't be consulted.  Remove it so that you don't confuse
    >You may find additional help on the swatch-users mailing list.
    >Ed Schmollinger - schmolliat_private
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