Re: [logs] Syslog payload format

From: Darren Reed (avalonat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 02 2003 - 08:36:04 PST

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    In some mail from Balazs Scheidler, sie said:
    > > list to pop up and say "why not use XML"??   :(  :(  :(  Indeed,
    > > XML does _EXACTLY_ the kind of "type inference from tag name"
    > > (e.g.: the DTD) that I am talking about!!!  
    > nobody argued that XML is to be used.
    Actually, a lot have, me included.
    > We are about to implement a client side library to be used on syslog
    > clients. It will be shipped with syslog-ng and as syslog-ng is quite
    > popular I think it has a slight chance of getting acceptance.
    Well, if there's nothing else there for people to use, sure, they'll
    use that if they want.
    But this sounds like the Bill Gates approach to me.  Drive a standard
    because it suits, not because it's "the best" or even "right".  If you
    go ahead, I (puts on his mjr hat :) "predict you'll get patches to
    output XML in less than a year" :)
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