RE: [logs] Syslog over TCP (Was: Re: Syslog payload format)

From: Gibson, Jerry,, DMDCWEST (GibsonJBat_private)
Date: Fri Jan 03 2003 - 09:52:36 PST

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    Some devices require logging to function.  When using tcp and a problem
    develops on the syslog server the device sending syslogs will stop
    functioning, Cisco PIX firewall is one such device.  
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    Rainer Gerhards wrote:
    > > 2) output, send the formatted message to
    > >    - local syslogd
    > >    - RFC3164 via UDP
    > >    - RFC3164 via TCP
    > Hey, are you anticipating a standard on 3164 over TCP ;-). Well, I'd 
    > agree to this as long as there can be consensus reached on how to do 
    > this. Andrew's suggestion might be a good thing to go... Honestly, I 
    > don't care if it'll be an RFC or not, but I would like to see at least 
    > 4 implementors promising they will implement it this year (yes, this 
    > now again leaves us much time ;)).
    *hand raised and waving eagerly*
    I for one would love to start sending syslog data via TCP. What's the
    technical low-down of this suggestion you're talking about? (Sorry, recently
    >    - RFC3195 via TCP
    BEEP gives me nervous twitches every time I look at the specs.
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