Re: [logs] EventLog library

From: marc (marcat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 04:57:08 PST

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    I have implemented a wrapper which maps calls from a modified libevt
    to libidsa, either full or lite (you will need idsalite-0.2).
    The libevt is not quite the same as the one implemented by Balazs,
    but hopefully we can reach consensus - I am flexible on some of the
    decisions, but I also have a nontrivial body of code in libidsa...
    Hopefully that would allow application programmers to write for an API
    which could be used by IDSA and the updated syslog-ng
    Below is the modified example, while the source can
    be found in and
    #include <syslog.h> /* only for LOG_INFO */
    #include <evtlog.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <errno.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
      EVTREC *e;
      /* make handle explicit: Good for threaded apps on 64 processor machines ;) */
      EVTCONFIG *c;
      /* evt_open("evtfmt", LOG_AUTH); B - Balazs */
      c = evt_open("evtfmt");       /* M - Marc - prefers to avoid dependence on syslog codes */
      /* B:  evt_rec_init(&e, LOG_INFO, "Test message with an embedded ';' in it. It also contains an <XML> like tag."); */
      /* M: I could merge the three, but LOG_INFO ties things permanently to syslog priorities */
      e = evt_rec_init(c);
      evt_tag_str(e, ".syslog.message", "Test message with an embedded ';' in it. It also contains an <XML> like tag.");
      evt_tag_int(e, ".syslog.severity", LOG_INFO);
      /* B: evt_tag_str(e, 0, "test:tag", "'value'"); */
      /* B: evt_tag_str(e, 0, "test:tag2", "\n\n\n\n"); */
      /* B: evt_tag_int(e, -10, "test:fd", fileno(stderr)); */
      /* M: almost the same. No layout information */
      evt_tag_str(e, ".test.tag", "'value'");
      evt_tag_str(e, ".test.tag2", "\n\n\n\n");
      evt_tag_int(e, ".test.fd", fileno(stderr));
      /* B: evt_tag_errno(e, -5, "test:error", EAGAIN) */;
      /* B: evt_tag_printf(e, 0, "test:printf", "%d %d", 5, 6); */
      evt_tag_printf(e, ".test.subspace.printf", "%d %d", 5, 6);
      /* B: evt_log(e) */
      /* M: almost the same */
      evt_log(c, e);
      /* B: evt_rec_free(e); */
      /* M: I would prefer a free in evt_log, but can do this using IDSA_F_KEEP */
      evt_rec_free(c, e);
      return 0;
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