Re: [logs] EventLog library

From: Balazs Scheidler (bazsiat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 07 2003 - 01:47:33 PST

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    On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 08:18:23PM +1100, Darren Reed wrote:
    > In some mail from Balazs Scheidler, sie said:
    > > 
    > > On Tue, Jan 07, 2003 at 03:27:04PM +1100, Darren Reed wrote:
    > > The API is still quite vague, so the version number only indicates that it
    > > is a development version. Once the API becomes stable it will be versioned
    > > 1.0.
    > Ok, so what you're saying is that you're wasting time by implementing
    > a library to an interface that has not yet been finalised.
    > As nice and easy as it is to cut code, "don't do that".
    > Get the detailed design right, THEN cut code.
    I don't believe an API can be finalized without code, as many issues come up
    when you are implementing the API. Having to adhere to a design made without
    those issues in mind would not really work very well either.
    Of course the basic design ideas were in place before I started and I
    refined my design while writing the code.
    I believe in incremental development, that is:
    1) decide basic concepts
    2) try to implement the concepts
    3) refine your concepts
    4) goto 2) 
    You only need a couple of iterations. You get results faster and you usually
    get better results. Of course this requires a programmer who does not simply
    'code' but 'design & code' at the same time. I agree that this might not
    work for large teams but works better for a small number of (talented)
    > Code isn't needed to critique a proposed API.
    ok. you only need the evtlog.h file. ignore the rest. I needed the rest to
    design the header file. Take the code as my notes.
    > > I don't thing the version number alone means anything 'unprofessional'. And
    > > by the way the library was not fully publicized, it was a release for the
    > > log-analysis mailing list for review.
    > and it is an open, public mailing list.
    and? I did not upload a debian package, nor did I announce it on freshmeat.
    log-analysis is a mailing list where we discussed these things earlier.
    > > It is not yet in 1.0 state and versioning is usually nothing else but
    > > personal preferences. 
    > Well tell us about it when it is, not before.
    ok. for you it is 1.0. I have raised a couple of questions which are more
    important than the version number. 
    I'm willing to update the code as I don't usually carve it in stone.
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