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From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhardsat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 12:47:02 PST

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    Hi all,
    I have tried to create a draft spec for the syslog over tcp protocol
    discussed on the list. It is a very (very!) rough first draft, primarily
    intended to raise some discussion here on the list. I have decided to
    create a draft because although the extensions to RFC3164 are only
    minimal, I would like to have a spec to be used when implementing it.
    Also, I would like to make sure that those of us that will indeed
    implement it do so from a common understanding. As we all know, the
    details cause the pain...
    I do not expect this draft to become an Internet Draft or a RFC - there
    is so much violent opposition in the IETF syslog WG against any syslog
    over tcp that is not BEEP, that I don't think we can become it accepted
    with a reasonable amount of work (and there are some good reasons for it
    to be so - but that's an other story). Anyhow, I have tried to format it
    RFCish, as this format is well known among implementors. It is my first
    try in doing so. Please bear with me a little ;)
    Oh, one more thing: I have (silently) decided to NOT call it "syslog
    over tcp" but "simple event log protocol" (being inspired by the
    eventlog libraries popping up for the payload). I have the impression
    that syslog over tcp could be misleading, especially when RFC3195
    (syslog/tcp via beep) becomes more popular over time. Of course, this is
    not a real decison but rather a suggestion.
    The draft so far is incomplete and probably inconsistent in some areas.
    If it were software, I would call it 0.1 ;) My primary goal was to have
    a quick shot to raise these questions:
    - does the list find such work valuable? Does it make sense to continue?
    - does a name other than "syslog over tcp" make sense? is the one I have
      choosen ok? Any other suggestions?
    - does it sum up what has been discussed regarding the transport 
      (I won't cover the payload - at least not now)?
    - are there any things to add?
    - who would be willing to implement?
    The draft is available at http://adiscon.org/specs/selp.txt
    Looking forward to all kinds of feedback ;)
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