Re: [logs] syslog/tcp (selp)

From: Darren Reed (avalonat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 09 2003 - 16:11:36 PST

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    In some mail from Mikael Olsson, sie said:
    > Problems:
    > - There is no record of which charset or encoding we're using.
    >   DBCS? UTF-8? Quoted-printable?
    >   US-ASCII? ISO-8859-1? Windows-1250? Shift_JIS? GB2312?
    >   Think about the nightmare you'd have with centralized collecting / 
    >   alerting servers.
    > - The security problems relating to all the possible various
    >   parsings resulting from this, and to ways that different
    >   relays may end up misinterpreting the data. 
    >   (Bennett had some good points here, too)
    >   An unusually clued admin might be able to avoid it, but, really,
    >   most won't. IMHO, we'd be doing the world a disservice.
    > I don't want this. Really. Plain old syslog doesn't handle it,
    > and I for one don't want to handle it in this protocol; it'd
    > literally be reinventing BEEP.
    So what are you saying here ?
    That all messages should be in US-ASCII (7bit, 32-127) ?
    Or that now we've realised we'd be reinventing BEEP (Marcus,
    add that to your list of things we've reinvented here :),
    maybe using BEEP isn't such a bad idea after all ?
    Those two aside, is there room for a simplified BEEP ?
    (I should read more about BEEP before I comment further
     but what about a BEEP without those sub-channels of
     data, for example.)
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