[logs] Rant on version numbers (was: Re: EventLog library)

From: Darren Reed (avalonat_private)
Date: Fri Jan 10 2003 - 18:57:17 PST

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    A few days ago I had a little rant on version numbers and it appears
    perhaps I wasn't clear in what I was trying to convey.  First off, it
    was not meant to be a personal attack on anyone or any particular
    project, I just chose eventlog because it was there and it was kinda
    like the straw that breaks the camel's back..
    My problem with things like this:
    > http://www.balabit.hu/downloads/eventlog/0.1/src/
    is that people use version numbers at all when they should be using
    a descriptive label for public releases.  The problem I have with it
    is it seems to be too common for people to start using these 0.something
    versions in a manner that belies the reality.  What I'd personally
    prefer to see is developers calling their things like this:
    To me, there is no need for "1.0" of anything to be the "finalised
    version" of any product, even for API's.  To me, "version zero" of
    something just doesn't make sense and publicly announcing such (I
    consider this list to be a public forum and hence email 'announcements'
    to it to be public announcements.)  Heck, why even bother with
    version numbers prior to declaring something to be a "released" 1.0
    module ?  I'm not saying it shouldn't be available or downloadable
    or announced, just that the style of version numbers is not what I'd
    call "brilliant".
    Maybe I'm just out of touch with the GUNgeneration of developers who
    seem obsessed with this style of development.
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