RE: [logs] Syslog payload format

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhardsat_private)
Date: Tue Jan 14 2003 - 12:38:27 PST

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    > I agree from an individual vendors prospective.  This is why 
    > I said standards for applications and OSes.  Attack the 
    > standard problem on categories of applications not individual 
    > vendors.  I'd much rather see canned formats that are 
    > obligatory come out as a standard for logging than a 
    > smorgasbord of tags come out that are chosen randomly by vendors.
    > I could easily a parser for each category.  While I might not 
    > be getting every piece of data that could be possible from 
    > the smorgasbord, I am getting what I need to do the job.  
    > From my prospective an 80% solution is fantastic because 
    > nothing ever is perfect.
    I kind of had the advantage of being unable to read the list the past 4
    days or so. So I could read this threat in its full. I have to admit, I
    don't understand what you tend to say. OK, I see that you mean I am
    obviously wasting my time. But I *really* like this waste, so this is
    fine to me. Other than that, did you intend to say something more? The
    only other thing I can read from the thread is that you are lucky with
    current syslog (but still use syslog-ng to get around its weaknesses
    ;)). This is perfect! I like lucky people :-D
    Oh, one technical thing: I intend to write a
    classic-unstructured-syslog-payload to structured-payload relay once we
    have finished with the effort done here. And, yes, I am an 80% man, too.
    I am happy if the initial release will cover 50% of the well-known
    devices and we are probably lucky if we arrive at 80% in the long term.
    And I am wasting time on this effort as I am a lazy person. I don't like
    to do the same thing ever and ever again. As such, I intend to do the
    conversion so that I can design a single, generic back-end log parser
    and display system... 
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