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From: Tom Cleary (tcleary2at_private)
Date: Tue Jan 14 2003 - 17:39:15 PST

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    Ron Ogle said:
    >X.500 vs. LDAP
    >X.400 vs. SMTP
    >OSI vs. TCP/IP
    >SGML vs. HTML
    >CMIP vs. SNMP
    >You can spend your time and this list's time creating grandiose 
    >but history is against you for actually getting it used.  Learn from 
    >this time.
    Of course, you know that many of these were killed by political fiat, not 
    lack of presence/effectiveness, right?
    And there's no definitive proof that the choices made were the right ones 
    ( ever heard of complexity theory and Brian Arthur? )
    Look up GOSIP V3 ( U.S. ) - that took the rug right out from under OSI 
    because instead of having Govts mandate using the complete OSI protocols 
    and take the pain ( the protocols having been already fscked over by the 
    "industry" players that stuffed the committees, but it ran, was functional 
    and generic ) the Users could now run TCP/IP instead, which gave them a 
    cheaper alternative.
    The fact that there is no Technical reason backing your argument should 
    give you some insight into how these decisions have previously been 
    On a personal level, BEEP and syslog-ng show me where the "international 
    bureaucrats" who ran the OSI committees went after it folded - they're now 
    writing RFCs.
    How successful/effective will those be, d'you think?
    But I bet someone is expecting to make loadsa cash from selling compliant 
    products when ( as you say in a later post ) 80% will do......
    As a purely personal observation, your imperative to do this top-down is 
    just wrong. This is a case where us doing it bottom up outside the 
    "process" is right and just.
    It's the old fashioned "Internet way"
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