Re: [logs] How are people bringing DMZ syslog msgs into the central server?

From: Harry Hoffman (
Date: Mon Jan 20 2003 - 12:01:33 PST

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    Hi Jason,
      We are using syslog-ng and stunnel to accomplish this. We pump everything from
    the client over a secure tunnel into our syslog server.
    Quoting Jason Haar <Jason.Haarat_private>:
    *> What with the desire for real-time alerts, how are people bringing those
    *> logs in?
    *> Typically it's not considered a good idea to allow arbitrary incoming UDP
    *> packets from a DMZ to a LAN, similarly, people don't feel happy putting the
    *> central syslog server out in the DMZ, so how do you put those two limiting
    *> factors together?
    *> You can rsync/whatever the data in, but it won't be merged into your central
    *> logs, so no real-time alerts, etc...
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