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From: Matthew G. Marsh (mgmat_private)
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 09:32:45 PST

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    [begin time warp sequence...]
    On Thu, 5 Dec 2002, Marcus J. Ranum wrote:
    [snip very good reference materiel]
    > Re-reading this before I hit "send" I muse briefly about the possibility
    > of becoming a "software historian" - I don't think anyone's done that, yet.
    Hehehehe. An acquaintence of mine from Brown left the GeoPhysics program
    back in 1990 to go get his PhD as a "Science Historian". Last I talked to
    him back in 1992 or so he said there were several people in the program
    who were starting to explore the various histories of the "Information
    Now that is a truly good usage of historical documentation techniques
    (IMOHO) - the documentation of the history of a fairly fundamental
    interaction shift while it is occuring. Even just rereading the old
    "email" from back in the FIDOnet and BitNET days reveals what a shift we
    have come to see since.
    > Hmmm...  "Social and economic factors and their influence on the
    > development of logging protocols in California during the early 1980's..."
    > I can see it already...
    You should. Even if only for those of us who like to read and know history
    as a series of original viewpoints. (such as reading the entries on Henry
    Ford from the Columbia Encyclopedia of 1938) - BTW I am one of those
    people who likes to save this type of email as good reading on the
    protocol stew and musing about same.
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