[logs] *NIX logger syslog message format

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards@private)
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 09:27:43 PDT

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    Hi list,
    bear with a *nix newbie implementing a *nix syslogd ;). I have added
    support for /dev/log to my liblogging. I am currently testing under Red
    Hat Linux and I am also reading the sysklogd package as a reference
    I am looking now at the log file entries generated. As it looks, a
    standard logger generated message has this format:
    Oct  1 17:56:57 rh9lt rger: test 2
    Whereas a message sent from a remote machine has this format:
    Oct  1 17:56:44 wsrger rger: test 1
    As it looks, logs from remote machines have the remote machine name
    (wsrger in the sample above) in them. This is the format I expected
    according to the RFCs. However, locally-generated messages have no host
    name in the message itself (the hostname you see above is added by the
    syslogd itself [when calling printchopped()]). On the "wire" (recv from
    Unix Domain Socket), I see this message:
    <13>Oct  1 18:02:32 rger: test 4
    So, as far as the packages I am currently using, I think this
    description is correct.
    Question now: is this the same on other *nix variants? I would
    appreciate if those of you doing analysis on heterogeneous favors could
    let me know.
    I am asking, because I would like do my implementation in the "most
    common/natural way". If there are differences, I may even need to add
    config switches to support them.
    Any feedback is highly appreciated.
    Many thanks,
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