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From: Safier, Adam * (Safier@private)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 14:40:53 PST

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    OK, your response makes more sense.
    While I see the need to try and limit the scope of the effort I'm in a
    non-UNIX environment. Finding solutions that output to syslog presents one
    of those additional integration steps that are nice to avoid. 
    The human race has made it this far thanks to adaptability.
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    thanks for your comment - I think my wording was misleading. 
    This is what I said:
    > > BTW, does log analysis have to be only on syslogs?  How about 
    > > output from
    > > applications (Oracle database log, binary logs, ...)?
    > I strongly think: NO!
    actually, that was supposed to be:
    > > BTW, does log analysis have to be only on syslogs? 
    > I strongly think: NO!
    That means I agree with you that syslog is basically text based logs.
    However, this, in turn, is already an abstraction, for example it leaves
    out the binary logs mentioned in the comment above. 
    There are three primary reasons why I focus on syslog first:
    #1 if you do syslog right, you probably have managed to take care of the
    rest of the text based logs PLUS all logs that can be converted to
    text/syslog (which means all)
    #2 there is a lively community taking care of syslog log analysis, so it
    is a bit easier to get comments (at least I hope) than if I'd tackle all
    types of log in the first palace
    #3 limiting the data on syslog reliefs you on ways to gather logs
    centrally and such, so you can rule out that part of the picture. I
    think is is a particular important reason to focus on syslog first.
    I hope this clarifies.
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