[logs] Log Samples Requested

From: Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards@private)
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 02:33:01 PST

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    Hi all,
    As some eventually know, I am trying to create a framework on how to
    tackle diverse log sources in a generic way. I am doing research that
    will hopefully lead to a generic understanding of log data as whole.
    Currently, I am trying to describe real-world **syslog** data in a
    generic sense. As of now, the paper has the following abstract (which
    may change during the course of time for obvious reasons):
    This paper describes the "nature" of syslog data. It looks at how syslog
    data is structured and what are the syntaxes and semantics of the log
    data. The entities making up the log record are identified and defined.
    Syntaxes and semantics typically found are also described and defined.
    The intension of this paper is to provide a theoretical model describing
    the structure of real-world log data. With such a theoretical model,
    further work can be done to define a set of well-known log message
    properties which in turn can be used to build generic log analysis
    algorithms and tools. The theoretical model created in this paper should
    also enable the creation of log parsers that will parse individual log
    messages into a generic format.
    Of course, the paper will be publically available once finished.
    Having said this, on to my request: I would appreciate if the list
    members (you!) could send me a few lines of their actual syslog data. I
    am NOT asking for full log samples. Just a few lines of real-world data
    would be sufficient, more than a few lines will probably overwhelm me.
    Even a single line can do nicely. I am asking this because I would
    simply like to see how different vendors *format* messages. So I am not
    actually interested in a lot of sample data but merely in many different
    small samples of different formats. I would appreciate if you could also
    let me know the software and version that produced the log record (and
    the syslogd that recorded it). I would use this data to see if the
    principles I have observed (and will describe in my paper) actually
    apply to all samples I receive. If you need to sanitize your sample,
    please leave the format intact - everything else I do not care about.
    Most importantly, I will not run these samples through any automatted
    process but will need to review them manually (thus a small amount is
    much better than a large one).
    So, please, if you have some log data, send me (via private mail!!!) a
    few sample lines. I think this is quite effortless for most of you. I am
    not asking for complete, big samples - cut & paste from your log file
    will do very well with my request.
    I would appreciate if I'd receive a lot of samples, as this will enable
    me to create a better paper.
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