RE: [logs] concat of string and $ on swatch subject

From: Joe_Wulf (Joe_Wulf@private)
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 21:35:58 PDT

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    You might consider building the string to look/function
    exactly the way you want it before your mailx processing
    line.  Then do a `mailx -s $xyz address@domain`, where
    YOU are executing what is in backquotes, and "xyz" is
    the variable you pre-build.
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    has any one tried  to construct the subject of an email by concatenating the
    hostname from the syslog record ($4) and a string constant (swatch 3.0.8) i
    can get the $4 in the subject -  mailx -s $4 address@domain.
    or i can get a string in the subject .   
    but mailx -s $4 memory error address@domain 
    doesn't work - '
    i've tried all the " " - and tiitles with no blanks so i dont have to worry
    about it.  and concatenation . symbols. 
    i know it must be possible to do this. 
    i can't be the only one interested in this. 
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