RE: [logs] most popular reports...?

From: Tina Bird (
Date: Wed Aug 18 2004 - 11:26:11 PDT

> 	I'm trying to build a list of the "most popular reports" that
> people pull from their system logs. This is mostly for my curiousity,
> but also to see if log analysts tend to share common goals, or
> whether we're all over the spectrum. I'm also hoping to be able to
> maybe assemble a "top ten" list that people can look/ask for
> from log analysis vendors.

- <if it's not a web server with lots o' really long URLs> all lines of log
data longer than N characters
- summary of remote access usage -- SSH, VPN, telnet (ick) whatever, with at
least username, source, destination (to look for people in odd places and
check for trends) -- ideally, i'd get a "someone logged in from somewhere
new" summary, but i'll settle for everything, at least at first
- lines containing "root" and "passwd" and "null" (or perhaps, combinations
- top N most common lines

...of course, it occurs to me that you've probably culled most of my
suggestions from our previous conversations on the topic, but just in

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