[logs] Term weights and log analysis

From: John Reuning (john@private)
Date: Thu Aug 19 2004 - 12:41:03 PDT

While we're on the subject of anomaly detection, I recently finished a
paper on using term weights to flag log messages as anomalies.  It's not
earth-shattering, and the approach is simplistic, but I've posted the
pdf online.  The main goal was to see how well a very simple term weight
approach works.  The experiment doesn't consider some of the more
complex (and realistic) metrics, such as time sequencing or event
correlation.  And the audience was somewhat broader than the log
analysis specialists on the list. :)

Applying Term Weight Techniques to Event Log Analysis for Intrusion

Thanks to Stefano among others for providing research cited in the

-John R.

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